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Problem uploading avatars

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  • Problem uploading avatars

    Hi, I have a problem but I don't beleive it is permissioning as I have already tried the safe mode. When I try to upload an avatar in the Admin CP, I don't get any errors but the file does not get uploaded either. When I try to upload an avatar in my User CP, I get the following error:

    There has been an error in the upload. Please ensure that the file has been correctly selected and that the upload has taken place successfully.
    Any ideas what could be causing this? We recently upgraded to 2.2.8. This is on a dedicated server not a virtual hosting.

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    Your phi.ini setting for file_uploads is off. You (or your host) need to add this line to php.ini:

    file_uploads = On

    Then restart Apache after making this change.
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      I already made that change just forgot to restart Apache.

      Many thanks, Steve.