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    First of all, let me thank you for a great product. I just purchased VB yesterday and have already got more accomplished in one day than I did in a month trying to set up a new site with InvisionBoard. I have already started hacking VB, and I need a little help. Working with VB styles is a little different than I am used too and I need some suggestions. I noticed that I can assign a different style to a forum when I create it, but I don't know what file to edit.

    What I want to do is create an "Articles" catagorey and then create several forums in that catagorey for the different article catagories. Here is where I run into the problem. I need a custom style that will move the author information (author name, avatat, etc) from the left of the post and place it at the end like a footer. This will allow me to post articles the full width of the screen and include pictures without having to scroll left and right.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be a great help.

    Oh, and if you would like to take a look and see what I got accomplished in less than 24 hours, click here.

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    login to your admin cp, scroll down to styles, and click 'Add Style'

    Then you would have to 'Modify Templates' to get the look that you need

    NXSupport Admin


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      OK, I've created a new style and assigned it to the forum I want to edit. From what I can tell the "showthread" template is the one I need to edit to remove the author table, but no matter what I do to the template it still show up, so I must be editing the wrong template. Anyone know what the correct template is?

      Thanks for your help.


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