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Problem with message tracking

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  • Problem with message tracking

    Hi, I've asked this in another thread, together with a different question but... is there any reason why the Message Tracking function in the User CP could be hanging our mySQL, when all the rest of the forum is working with no problem?

    Just to help us in isolating the problem. What sort of "unique" function is Message Tracking going to call? As soon as we try to access the page the forum hangs and mySQL reports (please do not click on the links, otherwise you would hang it ):

    Database error in vBulletin 2.2.8:

    Invalid SQL:
    SELECT DISTINCT privatemessage.*, user.username AS tousername, user.emailonpm, user.invisible,
    user.lastactivity, icon.iconpath, session.userid AS sessionuserid
    FROM privatemessage
    LEFT JOIN user ON (user.userid = privatemessage.touserid)
    LEFT JOIN icon ON (icon.iconid = privatemessage.iconid)
    LEFT JOIN session ON (session.userid = user.userid
    AND session.userid <> 0 AND user.invisible = 0 AND session.lastactivity>0)
    WHERE fromuserid=1
    AND folderid <> -1
    AND receipt > 0

    ORDER BY dateline DESC
    mysql error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

    mysql error number: 2013

    Date: Monday 07th of October 2002 02:49:08 PM

    Database error in vBulletin 2.2.8:

    Invalid SQL: UPDATE session SET lastactivity=1033994943,location='/private2.php?s=&daysprune=' WHERE sessionhash='d8d0a48bead6c1cb4ca3834d42f2537a'
    mysql error: MySQL server has gone away

    mysql error number: 2006

    Date: Monday 07th of October 2002 02:49:12 PM

    Thanks to anybody that could give us some sort of insight into what to look for.
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    Do any of these help?
    --filburt1, moderator
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      The problem is that the error comes out only when trying to access Message Tracking, which is why I was looking for a more specific reason. But I'll try and look for the timeout value as the other threads suggest.


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        Solved. My webadmin installed mySQL 4.0.3 we installed the stable version and everything is fine now.
        Thanks to filburt for trying to help.


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