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How to set default value of $emailonpmchecked and $emailonpmnotchecked

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  • Cary
    I'm not exactly sure I understand you, but I'll give you my best shot.

    Admin CP --> Template --> Modify --> [expand list]

    Open up the following template:
    User Option Templates
    * modifyoption

    Search for '$emailonpmchecked' and you should see what you should do... but just in case you don't, let me know and I'll give you more instructions.

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  • vDuf
    *bump* (where are the smart people to answer this?)

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  • How to set default value of $emailonpmchecked and $emailonpmnotchecked

    I think the initial registration page bombards the registrant with too many options so I hide most of them and supply the default values myself, such as:

    <input type="hidden" name="emailonpm" value="no">

    The user can later go to Edit Options and change any of these. However I find that when the user goes to his Edit Options page, the non-default value is checked, for example, Email on PM is checked Yes, even though I previously supplied the hidden default value of No.

    It appears that $emailonpmchecked is being cantakerous and I would like to change the default value of $emailonpmchecked. How can I do that?

    In sum:

    I change "emailonpm" to No. I would also like to change the value of "$emailonpmchecked" and "$emailonpmnotchecked". How can this be done.


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