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Meta Refresh/Login/Posting Problem

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  • Meta Refresh/Login/Posting Problem

    I'm in the process of test out my new server set up and I have run into a problem. I'm not sure what exactly the deal is but here's an explination of what is going on.

    My new machine once you log in (depending on browser and version) it hangs for a long time after you log in. Now it seems to hang most of the time on the Meta refresh page after you log in, but in some cases you click the Login button and it hangs there as well for awhile before moving on to the Meta refresh page. It's just plain weird. On my production machine there is no problem. On my dev machine there is no problem.

    FYI - I have for the new servers one Web Machine and one DB Machine.

    Below is a test user that should be able to log into each forum so you can see what I am talking about.

    All usernames and passwords are the same for each of the following sites.

    username: test
    password: test

    Production Machine

    New Server (first dev site I tested it on, goes to the .163 database machine)

    New Server (this one runs off the local MySQL database on the same machine as the web server and does NOT connect to the local MySQL server. This should be the same files as the production machine but a database that is a few days old)

    New Server (this one runs off the database server .163 so it does NOT connect to the local MySQL server. This should be the same files as the production machine but a database that is a few days old)

    New Server (this one is the exact same set up as my dev machine files and database)

    If you just log into each of these forums you'll be able to see what i'm talking about. I don't have a clue as to why this is doing this. I've checked my php.ini, httpd.conf, and looked at just about everything i can think of so any ideas or help would be great!

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    I did a fresh install of vB at the following address:

    and I created a user if you all could test this out.

    username: test
    password: test

    I'm still getting the problem I described above. I really don't know what is going on. When I make a static page of where the site likes to hang, the static page loads in less than a second. Vs. the php page which can take anywhere from 15-16 seconds according to Netscape.

    Is there anyway I can trun on debuging in vB to see what might be going on?

    This is getting to be really annoying so any help would be great!



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      I've turned on debug mode and if you click on the following page it loads with the following times BUT it still contiues to load. This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about (page takes about 16 seconds to fully load) and it should NOT do this but it does.

      help? ideas?
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        Okay! I finally figure this $*[email protected] out!

        so if anyone in the future runs into this you'll know how to fix it.

        Appearently, php has gzip compression turned on in the php.ini by default. So go and turn that crap off and the restart your web server.

        That should fix the problem