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Users Complaining "Can't Stay Logged In, Can't Post Messages"

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    I am having the same problem. I only have two users on my board so far, and they are both sharing the same cable connection as me, my wife and my son. They both have to re-logon every time they try to post a message.



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      We're having the same problem on, we have approx 100 members now that aren't able to log in. They've been registering under another name so that they can post. We just upgraded to 2.2.8.

      I've been able to reproduce the problem in Linux konqueror, Linux NN. and Windows IE. But the members who are having the problem cover a very wide range of browsers. Atleast two members have tried several machines, with none of them working. Several say they have no firewall nor proxy.

      I've logged in as 3 of our members and in Mozilla/Linux had no problems posting as them - I did have to manually delete all cookies after logging out, and before logging in as them.

      We can't seem to find any client-side commons, at all.

      ** edit **

      Here's a solution that one of our users came up with, although so far it has only worked for them.

      Basically, remove all cookies in the browser, close the browser, remove the cookies that may still be in C:\windows\cookies\ (manually), open the browser, go to, click on user cp, login (if the login loops you back as it used to, sorry, you can stop reading), go to edit options, and set the automatically log-in when you return to site option to yes (the browse board with cookies did not have any impact of me; if the automatic option is not turned on, i get the looping thing). If this works, enjoy.
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        Resolved, for the most part.

        The member that I quoted above was able to fix another member's account using the same process. So, it looks like that's probably the solution.


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          parked domains.

          1. do you have many domains parked to your main domains? and you're having "Post New" link in your forum description?

          2. are all users complaining "Users awaiting comfirmation?"



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            Thought I was the only one.

            I've been having this problem for a few weeks too. My members can't get in and they are complaining like hell. I don't want to keep bothering Steve so I figured I'd search for a solution. Steve, I still need your help. I am loving this board but I must get it into full swing byt the end of the month. We're losing too many members and our boards are dead.


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              If you have not installed any hacks, fill out a support ticket at:


              Be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP and FTP.

              If you have installed hacks, then remove the hacks first before filling out the support request.
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