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  • Members can't view images?

    Our members have been trying to post images from their web albums using the img tags and although we (the admins) can view the images *in the post* . . . some of the members can not. We even tried logging out and viewing as a guest and can still see the images. We use 2 different PC's and have tried with Netscape 7.0, IE6 and Netscape 4.79 . . . we see the image no matter what we use or do. We had several members make sure that their *Show image attachments and [img] code in Posts?* in User Options is set to Yes and still no help.

    Can anyone point us to a fix or a setting? Most images are in our Brag Book forum at the above url. Specifically the thread at



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    It seems Geocities doesn't allow you to link to images hosted on their server... Otherwise, the IMG tag works fine. Try finding another host to host your pictures on, that allows linking to them.

    BTW, feel free to delete my test post in the thread you posted.


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      Hi Cary,

      Thanks for the reply. That only leaves the question . . . why can we and a few other members see the images, while the majority can not?

      Thanks again,



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        Can you see the image above?

        Also, the first time you visited the thread, could you see the image?


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          Hi again,

          Yes, I see the image.

          The first time I visited the thread, I found that the new member had placed the whole home page url between the img tags . . . once I edited his post to contain the url for the image only . . . yes I could see it.

          I am curious . . . how did you get the url if there is no image showing? Does it show as a broken image that you viewed properties on? Since we see the picture, we have no idea what others are seeing.

          Judging by your post . . . you also could not see the image?




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            Does it show as a broken image that you viewed properties on?

            Judging by your post . . . you also could not see the image?
            Correct... I can't see the image.

            Try clearing your cache (if you don't mind) and see if you can still view the image


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              One more thing.... can you see the following image?


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                geocities prevents any sort of referrer from viewing images on their site, the reason that a few users can is that its in their cache somehow, the either typed the url in manually or viewed it on that site so its in their cache and its not even accessing geocities.
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                  I cleared Memory and Disk Cache, as well as, History and even the location bar.

                  Yes, I still see the image.

                  Yes, I also see the weatherman you posted . . . on either PC with Caches cleared. And I assure you . . . I've never been online to that image.



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                    More thought provoking oddities . . .

                    The owner of the dog & site that is the subject of this thread also can not see the image in the post. I'm sure he has been to his site and viewed the image he uploaded there.

                    Also, another member couldn't post viewable images at our site, yet they show up just fine in a post on a ubb site.



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                      Weird... I don't even see the weatherman picture in the post...

                      So... you saw the picture, without viewing the direct file? (


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                        Hi Cary,

                        Weird is right!

                        Right, I did not go to the direct site before viewing the post . . . I just see it!
                        Last edited by dachsie; Tue 24th Sep '02, 6:20pm.


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                          FWIW I see the weatherman pic too.
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                            FYI, I can't see any of the images.
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                              Do any of you who can see the images have proxies that remove your referrer, or have that option turned off in your webbrowser?
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