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... UPDATING .... I've got that "EMPTY" Feeling...

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  • ... UPDATING .... I've got that "EMPTY" Feeling...

    Looking at my board, under the area of Maintenence & Imports===> Update Counters...

    I have this:
    Rebuild search index - (very intensive, but rarely needed)
    Number of threads to do per cycle:

    Thread number to start at:

    Total number of threads to process:
    (0 for unlimited)

    Include automatic JavaScript redirect to next page?
    Yes No

    If you are reindexing, you may want to empty the indexes.
    Click Here to do so!

    My main question is about "emptying the indexes". What does this do? Is the index they are referring to a stored index of previous database searches for certain words on my forums? If I "empty the indexes" will the result of this simply be that a search for a given word will just take a little longer....?

    The reason I ask is that if this is the case, I'll bet emptying the indexes...could greatly decrease the space that my dbase is currently taking up? Yes? No?

    What does emptying the indexes mean? Are there any disadvantages to doing this?
    :p -=Xube ®'s just technology

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    the search index is there to make searching less intensive; without an index, searching would crush a server. if you empty your index then users won't be able to search old posts.

    if you want to save space you can change the minimum search word length in your Admin CP -> Options -> vBulletin Options -> [Search Options] -> Minimum Word Length. i think it's set to 3 by default. try changing it to 4 reindexing. this will save some space but make it so search words must be at least 4 letters in length.


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