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  • sql table question

    Im upgrading and I was wondering what the WORD table and it's contents is for?

    Also when a member uploads an image of there self so it's always there by there post were does it go. I created a new database for the upgrade and I was wondering how to get my members who uploaded there picture over to the new board.

    Also what about photo the uploaded into post how do I find them to move them over. I seen the attachment table and backed it up but it times out.

    I had to do all the tables one at a time and break up my post in to 5 files nd uploaded 20,000 lines at a time to get it done. Thank God I have a cable modem.

    I know there is a few questios here so. If some can answer them all if the have the answer I would really appreciate it.

    Dan Flynn

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    1) the WORD table is for the search index.

    2) avatar uploads and post attachments are both stored in the database.

    3) if your backups are timing out you shouldn't use the Admin CP backup feature. instead backup through the shell. turn off your forums, telnet into your server and run this command:

    mysqldump --opt -uUSERNAME -p databasename > backup.sql

    replace the bold text with your info. enter your password when prompted. this information is straight out of your config.php file. when the backup is finished the prompt will appear. the backup file will be saved to your home directory (usually one level above your web root). turn back on your forums.

    when upgrading you should upgrade your existing database, not create a new one and import your data (possible but a royal pain).