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A trick question, about disappearance of "empty" threads...

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  • A trick question, about disappearance of "empty" threads...

    Okay, for some custom stuff we're doing we were creating threads which often have no posts in them. It is importing from another source, and sometimes it has no comments to attach to the thread. Now, I realize this isn't "normal" in vB. But, it seemed harmless and seemed like it was working fine. But, then, I noticed after a while, suddenly I went from a thread list that spanned 200 pages to one that spanned only 13, but those that remained were mostly with comments. So, it seems as if those threads which had no posts inside were eliminated. And those that had none were those imported after this automatic pruning.

    So, the question is, is that what happened? I wasn't aware vB would do anything like this. I can't find another explanation. I assume at this point we may stop creating empty threads, which is fine, we can create them as needed on the fly, but I'd like to know if this is what's happening.

    Thanks for any thoughts.


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