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Importing From UBB - Help Needed - ?

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  • Importing From UBB - Help Needed - ?

    Hia Guys,

    I run several games sites and have one that has been running UBB. I am now switching it over to VBulletin, for obvious reasons.

    Now, I had to move servers recently, due to the fact that the game is nearing publication and usage is going up dramatically. To move the UBB, I had to upgrade and manually move the forum (great fun) Now the UBB is at 6.3.0 and I desperately need to import the UBB to VB. (But have read on these forums that its not possible?)

    The game demo will be ready for download in 9 days and the game actually hits stores on 15 - Oct so I have very little time before the forum numbers go up by a factor of 10 or more at least. (currently have around 800 users on the UBB)

    Can anyone help or does anyone have any ideas on how I can import the UBB to VB.

    Any help or ideas are very very welcome as its both time critical and I need to get all the forum work sorted before things get mega busy.



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    well currently vB's UBB to vB importer only works with UBB 6.2 and lower... JamesUS on this forum would be the guy to talk to ...
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I upgraded my exisiting VB forum and then got the import scripts, just to check and there is a full import for V 103 of the UBB.

      I did the import last night and it was so totally pain free and easy. Hats of to the VB dev team



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        I swear Infopop only makes new minor releases to screw up other company's importers...

        FYI Sulla, there are also unofficial import scripts here for future reference:
        --filburt1, moderator
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