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  • Need Help (reguarding Posts)

    Ok here is my problem.. I have been running vbulletin for 2 years..

    For some reason out of the blue my post times are all wrong..

    When people post, it inserts it into the middle of the post. It reads the correct time when posting.. and the threads below them reads an older date..

    My server time is correct.
    I updated the threads and post counts..

    I restarted the server..

    nothing is fixed..

    Once again.. when people post it inserts it into the middle of the post.. with the current date and time shown..

    Any clues?

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    vB takes it's post times from the server. The only way this would have happened is if the server time was off at one point. The fact that it may be Ok now will not correct the posts made when the time was off.
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