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Admin Control Panel = changes not sticking?

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  • Admin Control Panel = changes not sticking?

    I am running 2.2.6 with Windows and IE5.5

    I am still setting the board up.

    I go to the admin CP.

    I enter something in the control panel -- for example, I turn the board off, and then change the message "reason for turning board off".

    I click save. It says "Thanks for updating the options."

    I go back to the admin CP and the options are unchanged - the old settings are shown.

    I go to another computer (one that has never logged in as admin) and check, and the message is still the old one.

    I cannot even change the option to turn the board back on!!!

    Any ideas???

    Is this a COOKIE problem? Do I need to upgrade? Why did it just start happening?
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    Can you submit a ticket with your board url, admin username and password, FTP access and phpmyadmin if available.
    Scott MacVicar

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      submit a ticket??????????

      sorry - need some instructions here..



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        A support ticket from within the members area,
        Scott MacVicar

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          I'll input the support ticket from the members area, thanks!

          This is the first time I've dealt with this. I am finding this program maybe a bit too complicated for a guy like me.

          I don't know PHP, don't know Unix/Linux, and I don't have TELNET - and I'm thinking I should know all three before really getting deep into this vBulletin product...



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            once its setup you usually have no problems, you dont need to know php or linux just some basic things like ftp.
            Scott MacVicar

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