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Add a field to CP "Email Users" list

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  • Add a field to CP "Email Users" list

    I'd have an online racing league site. our forum has members from a variety of different racing series.

    what we would like to be able to do is, email members in selected series using the CP Email feature.

    i know i could create a usergroup for each series, and place the appropriate member in the appropriate series, and use that to select the users to be emailed, but.. we prefer to have that field, the "and usergroup is" drop down field, used in a different way.

    so, i am asking if there is a way to add another field, similar to the "and ICQ Number contains, or the and Signature contains etc" fields. have this shown in the "CP>Email Users>Email to users where" list that defines the mailing list targets. and have it set invisible and editable by admins only.

    this way we could add the proper mambers to the proper series, and create the mailing list by selecting the desired series in the Email Users setup CP page (CP>Email Users>Email to users where).

    thanks for any assistance.

    Russ H.
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      I don't understand the problem or question.
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        What you're looking for is probably going to be a hack. You can check and search, but I don't think you will find one exactly like that.

        I've been searching for a similar solution for my board, but nothing yet. In our case, we want to basically email users by a custom profile field setting. Although you can "Find" users by those profile fields, you cannot "email" or "Build email list" using a custom profile field.

        The only thing you can do is to use the "Find" feature, then below in that screen, select the radio buttons to only display username and email address. Once you do the search, copy and paste the results into something like notepad or a spreadsheet, which is your mail list.


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