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  • Lorddraco98
    Goto Admin CP--> Styles--your style-->Page Layout Section-->Body tag

    Under "bgcolor=" put 000000 so it reads "bgcolor=000000"

    Also change the "Page Background COlor" to 000000
    then for page font color use either 000000 for black or find the hex code for the grey you want(not sure on what shade you want"

    Your links are not showing up because of the white background. Change the background from my instructions and they should show up. If not then you will need to change the "link Color"

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  • Matt Whelan
    started a topic Help with background...

    Help with background...

    Ok, here are my forums,

    and here are the forums,

    I would like my back background to be black like ha.nets and if so, I need to make the words that are on the white part either gray or black, how do I do this? Thankyou.

    Also, at the bottom of my page, my "contact us" & "" don't show up unless you scroll over them, how do I make them show up? Thankyou.

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