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  • Admin banned and deleted...

    I have my own board.. but I also help a friend of mine run his. He is not the greatest at using vB... Now, he made some kid admin and he has deleted and banned my acct. And took all the other admins powers away. Can I unban myself, then add an account and give it admin? Sorry if this has been asked before, but I didn't find anything when I searched, and I wanna get in there before he screws anything else up...

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    in the extras folder of the vbulletin zip file there is a file called getadmin.php . upload this file to your admin directory and run it from your browser. promote your account to admin, delete the getadmin.php file from your admin directory, login to your admin cp, demote the offending admin so this doesn't happen again.


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      I know how to give myself admin. But I need to unban myself and create my user again before I can do that. How do I unban myself?
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        How has he banned you?

        By Ip? or by Email?

        IF by Ip, log in from school (or from a friends house, or whatever) for a new acct with a different email address (say a hotmail or yahoo or Choose a vastly different name than one that was used and you become a member of the board (regular user). When you go to the board, and run your mouse over the "Who's new" link or go to your profile, it'll give you your member Id number in the URL (or goto Who's ONline and get it that way - here at Im member id 6373)

        Then FTP into the acct and upload the file needed from the Extras folder. It will ask you which id to promote to admin.

        Once done, go in, close the board, ban the sucker and fix whatever problems you have.
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          Yep, banned me by IP. Well, this friend of mine says that his son is hacking into it to get it back. So looks like he doesn't need my help. I just hope they don't screw things up further. Thanks for the reply.


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            Just be sure to uncheck block cookies. That will bypass your ip ban.