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Help , got error when had upgrade to 2.2.6 !

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  • Help , got error when had upgrade to 2.2.6 !

    i had write many script ( not in the same database ) that using the vb exciting member system , and all my script is use the above code at the header :
    chdir($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/forums");
    require($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/forums/global.php");
    chdir($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/myscriptpath");
    and this is good and no problem at version 2.2.5 ,

    no , while i upgrade to 2.2.6 , i all error when i load my script that using this code . the page is load , and at the end of the page , i got this error :

    Database error in vBulletin 2.2.6:

    Invalid SQL: UPDATE session SET lastactivity=1029542956,location='/myscriptpath/' WHERE sessionhash='87cd73064491f2c03f72f0699f880610'
    mysql error: Table 'other_database.session' doesn't exist

    mysql error number: 1146
    i think that must some change in 2.2.6 and make my script have eorror , please help and support !

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    You need to change back to the vB database (USE database; )


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      why 2.2.5 is working , and 2.2.6 don't ?

      how ? please give me some example code ? please !


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        $DB_site->query("USE vbdatabase");

        should work. Or a simple call to mysql_select_db().

        It's just dumb luck that it works in 2.2.5. Nothing was changed in this respect.


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          ok , where should i put this code ?

          where i don't use the others database ??

          i really don't know what happen ,
          why the error message is at the bottom of my script ?
          the page had loaded , but at the end have this error ,
          so i don't know where shoud i put this code ? because is seems after running all the script .. it happen !

          i have an idea & solution , but need your help !

          i want to create another global.php files , and remove the update session code , i think it will work ! and idea ? give me some instruction to do this .
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            You put that code where ever your code switches to the vB database. However, this is more of a hacking question so from here I'd have to direct you to You'll be able to get more information there.


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              can you post a link to that topic about this problem ,
              i had do a search in , but i found nothing about this !



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                Actually there's no specific topic for this problem. I directed you there because this involves some code hacking and that's not something we can support on these forums.