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    Hi all, wonder if someone would please be kind enough to help me with a couple of big problems I got.

    First is my users are having big problems viewing new posts, its never been like this before but seems to have started recently but can't work out what the problem is.

    The thread of complaints are at:

    They are all having the same problem, new posts sometimes there sometimes arn't I am really getting grief now, anyone know the solution? I am using VB 2.0

    Last night in an effort to try and sort the problem I made a copy of my database to move it over to a new copy of VB2.6 that I downloaded yesterday and I installed all the new files to a new folder on the same domain that my original forums are at and then moved the database over and I then could not login, wouldnt let any of my users login to the 2nd copy of this forum at all.

    So it went link this:
    1)Extracted VB2.6 to new folder on same domain as original forum
    2)Created new database and did the config.php thing and deleted install.php after.
    3)Moved copy of other database over
    4)All seemed to move over ok but can't login in with anyones details,admin, mod or normal user.

    When you move a database over from v2.0 to 2.6 VB is there anything special that I need to do?

    Thanks for all your help, I am really starting to feel about going to UBB or something else to avoid the complaints I keep getting, I love vb and everything you can do with it but I am running out of ideas fast.

    Thanks again


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    i suspect your server time is inconsistent. one of your users mentioned that posts and threads are out of order. both this problem and the unread post marker problem can be caused by inconsistent server time. i recently had both of these symptoms on my site and it turned out to be a faulty time chip on the motherboard in my server that caused the server to "skip" time. i recommend contacting your host about this.

    you can't login to your 2.2.6 forums because you didn't run the upgradeX.php scripts to upgrade the database. passwords are encrypted starting with version 2.2.0 . follow the upgrade instructions on this page ( ). since you are upgrading from version 2.0.0 you will need to download this zip file as well ( ). you will need to run upgrade10.php - upgrade19.php .


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      Thank you so much for your reply, I have done a brand new install of VB2.6 and copied the database over to it will I still need to run these upgrade files, does it convert the database somehow?

      The server time, this is interesting, I have my own server with Rackshack Ensim 1.3 Celeron and can check the time which doesnt seem to have any problems from what I can see, if there was a time problem wouldnt there be a jump in time on the front of the forum? Which there has not been that I have noticed. We had a time problem but since then its been sorted out, is there anything else that might cause new posts to have problems?

      Thank you



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        you will still need to run the upgrade.php files.

        server time is the only thing i can think of that would cause your problems.

        Originally posted by FloridaIdeal
        if there was a time problem wouldnt there be a jump in time on the front of the forum? Which there has not been that I have noticed.
        not necessarily. when my server had time problems it would literally jump ahead or behind an hour and then go back to normal time. if some one happens to load a forum page or post a message during that "time jump" then it will cause problems with unread post markers and post orders.


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          Thanks again Jakeman

          Anyone know if there is a way of tracking servertime via a log of some sort? Would be handy Rackshack don't seem to do much about these type of things unfortunitly.




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