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Getting people to Post - Getting frustrated

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  • Getting people to Post - Getting frustrated

    maybe someone can give me some advice.

    i have a new forum site, around 6 months old. below is the link:

    people are just not signing up and when they do they are not posting. i really feel i have a unique site - one of only a handfull. there only a few sites that deal with mexican-american topics. i have seen those sites and they are ugly and slow.

    i have tried contests and i'm considering having only registered users be able to view any posts. u think this might work?

    i have done a lot of search engine marketing. do a search for "hispanic chat" or "latino forums" etc, and i am pretty much always on top.

    thanks in advance.


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    You need to post more.. You only average half a post a day on your own forums. People aren't going to want to participate where the owner doesn't care. When you don't post this is the impression that you give to everyone.

    When I started as the administrator for SitePoint Forums over 2 years ago, one out of 6 posts in the forums were mine.

    Another thing you might try is consolidating your forums. You have a lot and it makes the place look empty and un-populated. Consolidating it down to fewer forums will make each individual forum look more used and lively.

    Finally, while some people don't recommend this, this is a good idea to jumpstart a forum. Create a couple of registered user accounts and have them talk to each other. Get your friends and family in on it. As people see other's conversing and having fun, they will want to join in.
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      thanks, very good points.

      you're right, i need to start posting more. i have created about 5 user accounts that are mine with different names, etc, and sometimes i get them talking to each other.

      i had a lot more forums than you see now and i consolidated them. i guess i need to do that again.

      i always thought that posting a lot myself didn't look good. doesn't it make it look like i am just trying to hard? how does a new user feel after coming to my website and sees that i am the one that is mostly posting? for me it's hard to be objective since i have worked so hard on these forums.




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        Yo tuve el mismo problema, por como cuatro meses no tuve nada. Ahora esta lleno de personas. Tienes que iniciar cosas tu, y despues la gente hablara, y hara sus propias de las que tu hiciste. Asegurate no ofender a nadie para que no se vallan.


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          cual es tu web site?



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