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Wierd Load Limiting

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  • jcccf
    um... still 9 in total

    0 guests

    and i'm not using AOL.

    This problem only occured recently (not sure exactly when).

    I'm using IE6 on WinXP

    The new session link doesn't work all of the time

    vB: <-- need 2 register to log in (& most of the forums are privatized)

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  • George L
    what version of vB are you using ?

    can you post a link to your vB ?

    simultaneous sessions is guest + members not just members... so how many total users online to you get ?

    as to the poll issue, that error message is by design it's mention to pop up when your cookie is corrupted or expired/changed... just click the new session link

    are you by any chance with AOL for ISP ?

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  • jcccf
    Update: When I set it to 200 sessions, and there are 9 users logged on, my users still report "Server Is Busy At The Moment"

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  • jcccf
    started a topic Wierd Load Limiting

    Wierd Load Limiting

    I'm on a shared Unix server.

    I set my simultaenous sessions limit to 100
    My Unix Load Limit is 0.

    But when there are like 5 users logged on, they all experience this "Server is busy at the moment" error message. I don't see how 5 users can create 100 sessions.

    Can you explain how I can solve this problem or at least explain how simultaneous sessions is calculated?

    Another Problem:

    Ever so often, when I try to vote on a poll or do any moderator thingys (e.g. editing, deleted, sticking) I get a "your session is invalid". When I click the get new session link, usually I can perform that action, but sometimes I get back to the original page.

    I found that clearing my cookies helped for a while, but the problem resurfaced a day later.

    Oh, and I'm using cookies (in the vB options panel)
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