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Massive, massive vB site being built... Need advice on architecture.

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  • Massive, massive vB site being built... Need advice on architecture.

    I'm helping a company integrate vB into their site (and integrate a separate user management system into vB). I've done this all before, for another very large company, last year.

    My concern with this new site is that it will probably be bigger than the previous site I've done, possibly by a good margin, and it gets us firmly into the volume of activity where vBulletin typically fails (not vBulletin failing, per se, but MySQL). And assuming the site continues to grow, we need to make sure we're not going to be thoroughly screwed.

    I'd basically mapped out an architecture where we've got a series of webheads doing page generation communicating to a central beefy (but not obscene, maybe a dual or quad processor Intel FreeBSD (maybe Xeon) with 2 GB memory) MySQL server, which is clustered (for redundancy, and perhaps experimenting with trying to get better performance by using the cluster for speed by having the slave(s) handle the SQL reads).

    I've done multiple webheads before with vB, and clustered the DB for redundancy. But, I've not clustered MySQL for speed before, though I've done it with MS SQL. I have limited faith that doing this with MySQL will help. Technically it should be easy enough to do, but I just have no idea how effective it would prove to be.

    Hopefully many of our performance concerns will be addressed by MySQL 4.0, which should be out by the time we launch the new site version (November/December). But, that's a poor sort of confidence.

    In terms of our site stats, the redesign will bring a lot more activity (one hopes), but based on one site we're merging which is already running vB, we can assume something like: 800-1500 users online simultaneously almost every mid-day, 6-8k posts/ day, 1.3k-1.7k threads/day, and maybe 5-6k new users per day (this is a pure guess). At launch the number of posts will probably exceed 3 million.

    So, the obvious question is, what do you think? Has anyone mapped a reliable way to expand vB to handle very large numbers of concurrent users with "reasonable" hardware. Is anyone clustering MySQL for speed? Has anyone built a vB site with reasonable hardware that supports 2k simultaneous users, 3k? 4k? Is there a way to do this?

    (And by reasonable hardware I mean a DB server that would be as cheap as possible, definitely not to exceed $10k, with one or two additional slaves at no more than $2k-$3k.)

    I've read all about MattR's Sybase vB, and that's super, but would be very painful to us to try to re-work and then maintain such a rewrite.

    Thanks for any advice you might have time/patience to offer.


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    ever build that distributed forum?

    I too will be building what is hoped to be a rather large forum, however it sounds not quite as daunting as yours. What I wish to do is simply distribute mysql onto a separate box from vbulletin. After installing mysql onto the box I can connect to it from another box remotely, however as soon as vbulletin gets installed all remote access to the database is blocked. Forgive me if this is a simple problem to fix, but mysql is new to me and none of the help I have found has worked. The other option I have tried is trying to instal vbulletin from the beginning using a remote mysql connection, to which it refuses to do. Is there something simple I am missing here?


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      Make sure port 3306 isn't blocked by a firewall (it's the port mySQL uses)


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