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Upgraded to PHP4 and now no VB sessions

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  • Upgraded to PHP4 and now no VB sessions

    I recently needed to upgrade to php4.4 in order to install a web-based mail client (Horde/IMP) for a client. My host (Interland) was a release or two behind so I had to install php4.4 on my own. Got it working and everything relative to the web-based email side seems to be okay.

    But it broke my vbulletin install on another domain. My knowledge of the tech side of things is very limited but it seems to not want to store a session. The forum index loads but I can't login, pull up forums or anything.

    The board is here:

    One of the things I was directed to do by my host in order to run my own php4.4 is delete the symlink to their shared php install, which I did. That has to be what broke vbulletin.

    Is there anything quick-and-dirty I can do to hack vbulletin into working again or do I need to go back to the older php release and find a different webmail solution?

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    you mean PHP 4.1.2 or 4.2.2 ?

    either way upgrading to vB 2.2.6 will fix the issues with new PHP versions breaking certain stuff
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      Sheesh. Yeah, I meant php 4.2.2. Sorry 'bout that.

      Now I gotta upgrade VB? I hate mission creep. <sigh>



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        It's getting late and I'm making stupid mistakes now so I'm about ready to roll back for the night and try again in the morning.

        Here's what I've done so far...

        Upgraded my php from 4.01.pl2 to php 4.2.2. This is not supported by my host yet (Interland) so I had to kill libexec link to the shared php install in favor of one to my 4.2.2 upgrade. Also had to modify my httpd.conf file to reflect the new location. Apache restarts and php info reports 4.2.2 running successfully.

        Then I ugpraded VB from 2.2.2 to 2.2.6 and ran all the appropriate upgrade php files, yadda, yadda. Keep getting the infamous 1064 error about users.php and the board won't load. Can't login to the admin panel either.

        Rolled back to php4.01.pl2, restarted Apache and VB2.2.6 runs just fine -- no errors, no cookie or login problems at all.

        For grins, I went back to php 4.2.2 again and sure enough, the VB error pops right up again.

        To reiterate, the only reason I even need php4.2.2 is for a webmail app for a vhosted client, otherwise I'd leave well enough alone. But it seems I can't have VB running on 4.2.2, and I can't run IMP (mail) on 4.0.1, so I have quite the dilemma.

        Any new light to shed on the 1064 error? Yes, I uploaded ALL the upgrade files, paying particular attention to user.php. Rolled back my customized templates first, too.



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          Make sure that you uploaded and *overwrote* all the vB php files with the ones from the 2.2.6 zip file. I have seen many instances where people thought they had upgraded but the ftp client did not overwrite the existing files.
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