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  • PM nightmare

    For some reason when people send PMs to a select few people in no particular group, the PM goes through, but they then go to a blank screen...

    At first I thought that it may have been a hack that I installed, but I reuploaded all the origional vbulletin files, and it still doesnt work, which leads me to believe that it is a problem in the mySQL...

    Is there any query I can use in phpmyadmin to stop it from having this error...

    Or if worst comes to worst, is there anyway to isolate just the posts that have been made and reupload it to another instance of vbulletin in a new directory? When the origional would then be deleted?


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    Can you try and identify which user that is causing the problems, they may have it set to email them when they get a new private message and there is a problem with your/their mail server at the time and it isnt going through.
    Scott MacVicar

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      Yes that is true... The mail server is a problem.. But i am soon to fix this... And that user has email notification on

      Is there a query i can use to turn it off for every user, and to take away the option to have email notification...

      Thanks alot.. I think this maybe it!


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        You can disable email function in the admin panel.

        vBulletin Options -> Email Options -> Enable Email features?

        Set that to no
        Scott MacVicar

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          Thanks, but its already set to no...
          I think the other users set it to on before I turned it off...
          So is there anyway I can turn it off for all the users with a query? Because I dont know who all the users are with the feature on

          Also on edit options, there is still the ability to turn it back on, how do i remove that?
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            UPDATE user SET emailonpm=0;
            DELETE FROM subscribeforum;
            DELETE FROM subscribethread;

            That should do it.
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            Scott MacVicar

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              Thanks... Im getting this error now though

              SQL-query :

              UPDATE uset SET emailonpm=0

              MySQL said:

              Table 'databast.uset' doesn't exist


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                whoops spelling error that should be user not uset
                Scott MacVicar

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                  lol! I worked that out just now... Im abit slow
                  Its working now thanks for all your help!


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