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Help - Two simple Changes Needed!

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  • Help - Two simple Changes Needed!

    Just installed a fresh vBulletin 2.2.6, I'm switching from PHPBB2.

    I need to change two simple things.....

    1. How do I change the boards background color from that purple'ish color, to a *.jpg I want to use for the whole boards background?

    2. How do I change that oval looking vBulletin Logo in the upper left hand corner to a logo I want to use?

    Please advise.... I have been searching on how to do this for over 3 hours now. I'm used to YabbSE, Invision, and PHPBB2, things at times seem so much easier to get accomplished there, then with vBulletin. Hopefully once someone points me in the right direction, "things" will start to make sense....

    Thanks in Advance!

    Jeff Galford

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    1. Admin CP -> Styles -> Modify -> [fonts/colors/etc] -> Body Tag. add a background attribute after bgcolor. example:

    <body bgcolor="#3647A6" background="images/background.jpg"

    upload the background image to your forum/images directory.

    2. in the same area of your Admin CP under Image Paths. upload your title image to your forum/images directory and change the image path to point to your title image.


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      Thanks Jakeman, it worked!

      Jeff G