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  • Delete only vBulletin cookies

    I've read through several threads about deleting cookies vBulletin and am only confused. I'm trying to provide our members with accurate and up-to-date instructions.

    In this post, an authoritative voice says cookies must be deleted from the Temporary Internet Files directory. AFAIK, whether deleting from IE or from the TIF directory, in most cases, this deletes only a pointer to the cookie, but is also supposed to simultaneouosly delete the cookie from the cookies directory.

    In several posts dealing with corrupt cookies, such as this one, a moderator gives the MS-recommended procedure for deleting cookies from Temporay Internet Files by going through Internet Explorer's Internet Options.

    In this post, another authoritative voice says that a corrupted cookie can only be deleted manually, meaning by deleting the physical cookie from windows/cookies (or its WinNT+ equivalents). This would be in accordance with the instructions that are given in the standard vBulletin FAQ.

    The problem with the latter is that it does not delete the cookie pointer in Temporary Internet Files, nor does it update the index.dat file. According to some Windows advisors, this may slow browsing in IE and may even cause browser instability.

    So, piecing this together, I'd say the best advice to give people is to first follow the procedure for deleting individual cookies from IE. Then, close IE, and check that the cookie is deleted from the cookies directory. Does that makes sense? Should people also check the TIF directory for a cookie or cookie pointer?

    Some related questions:

    Where are IE's cookies stored on Win2K and WinXP?

    For Netscape 6/7 and Mozilla users, is it also true that corrupted cookies can not be deleted through the browser's cookie manager? If so, how do these users individually delete vBulletin cookies?
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      IE cannot delete individual cookies without help - either some third-party software, or manually deleting the cookies.

      Cookies are stored under
      [root drive/partition]:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

      Local Settings is a hidden folder so you may need to turn viewing of these on.

      There is also a cookie folder under
      [root drive/partition]:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Cookies

      These may be the actual cookies, without checking with MS I'm not sure which are the actual cookies.


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