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Please help me. Confused.

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  • Please help me. Confused.

    I am still confused with my styles.

    Basically I created a new style thats a copy of my default one, I am pointing it to another folder called images2 but both styles seems to change to image2 also, Could anyone just clearly explain how's this happening and how to make them both have seperate images folders? Please.

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    both styles might be using the same replacement set. make sure you have two separate replacement sets - Admin CP -> Replacements -> Modify - then make sure the styles are pointing to the different sets - Admin CP -> Styles -> Modify -> [properties]


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      I am completely lost
      really stupid sorry.
      I only see 2 sets with the same name. Dont even know which one is the original.


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        move your mouse over the link [expand] link on the different sets. look at the var message in the bottom of your browser window, there will be a set id # at the end of the url. the default style's set will have an id of 1.

        you can also rename the sets and then look at the style properties to see which set they are using.