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the 'welcome to our newest member' line

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  • SaintDog
    I believe this would require a little bit of code/database hacking in order to acheive this effect. The reason the memebers show up is because technically, they have signed up, so they are basically a member, they are just awaiting the admin's confirmation on their account.

    I would suggest asking over at .

    - SaintDog

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  • jilly
    started a topic the 'welcome to our newest member' line

    the 'welcome to our newest member' line

    I would like to change the code that says 'welcome to our newest member', and then it shows the name of the most recent registrant - My board has moderated status, so that new users must have their account verified by me and then they must also activate their account through clicking on the email link - I have a problem with banned people registering for stupid and abusive usernames on purpose,never intending to actually use them (cause they know I wont let them in) but still the name appears at the top of the board under the 'welcome to the newest member' section. I have removed that text for now, but I would like for their to be a way to change it so it shows the name of the newest 'approved' member - thus letting the actual new members that have been approved show up, and the people who are not approved can't harass through that means any more - is there any way to do this?
    PS I am using vb2.2.4

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