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A Weird, Yet Serious Problem

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  • A Weird, Yet Serious Problem Our server went down briefly, and came back with a mysql error. I reuploaded index.php and got this parse error. On the very last line of my forums. Attachment of index.php is there.

    That very last line is where I get the error. So bit of help is much apperciated.

    //edit: deleted attachment -jake
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    Please edit your post so that the original php file is not attached to this posting . A screen cap or a copy and paste of the error message is all that is needed.
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      Okay, well I found a backup. This all happened right after my server went down. But there still is 1 more error.

      Warning: MySQL: Unable to save result set in /home/forums/www/admin/db_mysql.php on line 93

      And then it gives a little text box with this inside.

      Database error in vBulletin 2.2.5:

      Invalid SQL: SELECT username, invisible, userid
      FROM user
      WHERE inforum = 28
      AND lastactivity > 1026767310
      AND lastvisit <> lastactivity
      mysql error: Got error 127 from table handler

      mysql error number: 1030

      Date: Monday 15th of July 2002 05:23:31 PM
      This is just 1 forum, not the entire site or anything.


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        127 = Record-file is crashed

        Upload repair.php (it's in the 'extras' folder of the zip file) to your admin directory. Close your forums, then run it from your browser with this syntax:


        It everything reports 'Ok' then reopen your forums. If not, then run it again. The second time everything should report ok.
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