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  • importing ubb

    I am still trying to import from ubb into 2.2.6

    I have done the import and noted the following probs:

    1) if a member has a diff login name from public display name, it imports just the public display name and loses the post associations (i see in the importer notes that it will import the public display name only)...i guess i can go in and delete public display names before importing.

    2) ubb codes do not seem to be converted correctly, particularly for imports and displays the html tags in the post....this makes the posts very unsightly and hard to read.

    3) smilies are not showing up...some of them are but others are showing the html tags...not that big of a deal but would like for them to show up.

    Is an importer going to be released for ubb? i know there's one for the 6.3 but doesnt seem to want to work for me properly.

    I submitted a support ticket but never got a response on this issue.

    Would appreciate any help.


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    nothing on this?

    should i submit another ticket? never got a response from the first one.



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      2 and 3: those problems are unavoidable. UBB writes actual html to posts for stuff like quote boxes and smilies. vBulletin works differently. the html in posts from UBB will not parse unless you enable html for your forums which is not recommended.


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        FYI on importing ubb

        I dont know if I am allowed to post this or not; if not, please delete.

        I finally figured out a way to import my ubb to vb 2.2.6 corrected for the issues noted above in my first post.

        1) Temporarily install phpBB2 and import ubb using their converter. (This will solve the issue of the "Public Display" name being imported instead of the login name using the vb importer)

        2) Import the phpBB2 to vb using the vb importer for phpBB2. (Now you have the vb setup with proper login name)

        3) Now to clean up the posts, use the smiliefix.php noted in other posts in this forum (do a search for smiliefix.php). You will have to modify the smiliefix.php to fix the various issues such as html tags being imported for smilies, quotes, linked pics, and couple of other minor stuff. I had to run four hacked versions of smiliefix.php to correct sure if you know php then you can hack it to correct everything with just one run.

        Now you are running vb 2.2.6!

        I have gotten so much useful info from this forum, this is my .02's worth.

        good luck!

        ps. I know nothing about programming/php/cgi etc, so I will not be able to answer any questions...just know the above procedure worked for me.


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