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Question on forum/sub-forum permissions

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  • Question on forum/sub-forum permissions

    Is this possible: Can I create a forum that everyone see, but no one can post in, that has sub-forums that are only viewable to members that I give permission to?

    I want to have a main forum that has sub-forums and the sub-forums would be personal forums for individual members. Can vB do this? It's imporatant that only the members I want can view particular sub-forums.

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    Admin CP -> Options -> vBulletin Options -> [Forums Home Page Options] -> Hide Private Forums -> No

    You should create new user groups to mass manage your permissions - Admin CP -> User Groups -> Add. Setup usergroups with and without access to certain forums (next paragraph) then when you want to give some one access to a certain forum just edit their user profile to add them to the appropriate group - Admin CP -> Users -> Find and edit their profile.

    you can set group level permissions for individual forums in your Admin CP -> Forums & Moderators -> Permissions. to let everyone see a forum but not allow them to post or read other posts set their "Can view forum" permission to Yes and everything else to No.


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      Can I use access maks to make it so individual members can see a sub-forum, not using group permissions?

      See, I want to have a forum that everyone can see, then I will have sub-forums and I do not want everyone to see them, or at least not be able to read any of the posts in the sub-forum except for the couple of people that have permission too each sub-forum. But one person might have access to one sub-forum but not the other sub-forums.

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        if i understand the system correctly... individual user access masks are all or nothing. they either have access or they don't. if they have access then they have all their group's default permissions for that forum including viewing, posting, etc. the forum will be hidden if "hide private forums" is set to "yes" and the user doesn't have access, otherwise they will have full access.


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