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  • BACKground question?>

    I have done as Xiphoid taught and made the forum home where it can be a different heading than the forum pages themselves BUT is there no way to make the BACKGROUND for the forum HOME different than the BACKGROUND for forums where you post? Please I hope so!

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    in your forumhome template replace <body> with the contents of the body tag from Admin CP -> Styles -> Modify -> [fonts/colors/etc]. then change that body tag to whatever you want for your forumhome page.


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      thank you jakeman! I will try it in the morning when im not so tired... right now im seein double from trying to make this work. I would so much rather have a strip at the top like you see it? Could you would you mind looking? Anyway have a strip at the top that is like our home page of and have it look more like that! I just do NOT get this php! I am a solid graphics artist with front page and my paint programs.. what have you but to have to go all this way to make a page do what i want it to in php is driving me NUTSO! but i Do see why it has to be this way. Just frustrates me Jake my background is currently 546 by 3000!! just to get that look of the long banner at the top!


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        it's all html. the forumhome template can be edited to look however you want. keep in mind that the $header and $footer variable parse into the contents of the header and footer templates.


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