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show the costum and normal member title ?

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  • show the costum and normal member title ?

    HI !

    First thanks for reading in
    The problem I do have right now:
    The costum member title is a neat feature, and people do like it.
    Only one problem apeared: since most people do have now their costum user title. it is hard for newbies to determine which user is a admin/mod or whatever ...
    So what I would like to do is:

    in showthread, in the user box ..
    Showing the custom user title and the "normal" user title in bold, I think that would work out this problem ..
    Could anybody give me a hand on this task ?

    Thanks for your help !

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    I don't think this is possible natively, but I do believe there is a hack for this, at


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      Funky fast reply ..
      Thanks mate, will check on that ...
      Though it will take some time to browse all the forum for something fitting ..


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        shibby -

        add a custom profile field in your admin cp and follow the instructions in the above thread. turn off custom titles so everyone's forum status stays the same (mod, admin, etc). people can edit the new custom title profile field in their usercp.


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          Thanks !
          That is a nice way ...
          Just checked out that has a nice hack section ..
          now sorted

          This one could fit as well ...

          But Jakeman, one question:
          the way you suggested, this one will even work after I would update the VBB, right ?
          since the hack is easier to setup, but that would be lost after upgrading VBB ..

          Thanks for your help !


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            my method is not lost when you upgrade. it uses a built in feature of vBulletin. you just need to make sure the $post[fieldX] in is your postbit template... like if an upgrade changes the default postbit and you have to revert it, make sure to add that variable in there again. that's all.


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              OKay ...
              4:40 am here

              time to get some sleep !
              Thanks for helping me out ! I will try this asap ...
              Nice support


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                Okay, I did exactly what you said, and it worked like a charm ..
                Thanks again ..

                But I had to do more things:
                We already have 20 k regged users, and so there was a little problem:
                I copied now the custom usertitle out of the user table into the userfield table in the correct field. It works, and the system already displays everything correct !
                The only problem I have now:
                How can I set back the custom user titles in the user table ?
                So it shows again:
                Moderator and so on ..
                Since the backup and maintain script doesn´t change the usertitle if they were set already by the user ...

                Thanks !


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                  Admin CP -> Import & Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Update User's Titles

                  that will reset the "real" titles to say Admin, mod, etc again.


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                    I tried that, no go ..
                    It still shows the costum user title which was set by the user itself..
                    I did already try it that way
                    I changed now the option in the Admin CP:
                    Options -> VB Options -> Custom User Titles
                    Allow Mods/Admins to Change titles to no and still not working !
                    Ar least not for admin/mods ...

                    Could you give me a hint ?


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                      Ah got it !
                      a little bug in VBB ...
                      This leaves the costum user titles even if they are not allowed anymore, here is the code:
                      PHP Code:
                      if ($user[customtitle]==0
                      $usergroup=$DB_site->query_first("SELECT usertitle FROM usergroup WHERE usergroupid=$user[usergroupid]");
                            if (
                      $gettitle=$DB_site->query_first("SELECT title FROM usertitle WHERE minposts<=".intval($user['posts'])." ORDER BY minposts D$
                      I did change the first line into:
                      and it works now ..
                      misc.php btw ..

                      Thanks for your help .


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