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  • Censorship

    Why is it when there is a word that is automatically censored typed once, I always get something like (Automatically Deleted)(Automatically Deleted)(Automatically Deleted)(Automatically Deleted)(Automatically Deleted)(Automatically Deleted) more than once?

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    Because the you probably replaced '*' with '(Automatically Deleted)'. Its expecting you to supply a character.

    The censor replaces all bad word characters with the censor character.
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      Yep, that was it. It would be nice if it's changed to a customzied message (like it should be able to, to let them know WHY it was censored) that it would only replace the entire word and not each character.


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        I think you can set that up with replacement varibles. Ie, when somebody types in dog, the system would automaticly change that to cat.


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            Just go into:

            Admin CP -> Replacements -> Modify -> [add custom replacement]
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              That works, thanks. Only problem is that if you capitalize a letter or what not it doesn't...Maybe in a future version this can be changed and put into censorship options, capitals wouldn't make a different, and you can replace one word with the censorship word.


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                Originally posted by Steve Machol
                Just go into:

                Admin CP -> Replacements -> Modify -> [add custom replacement]
                Steve, I've got a variation on this that sort of works.. actually it doesn't but bear with me..

                Running Google Adsense, certain words like crash, died and that sort of innocent type of word will trigger their public service ads. I tried a replacement variable with an image put into the smiley system... whereby, for instance, the word crash would be replaced with :cword: which is the word crash in a .gif image...

                Funny thing, if you post that in a message, you actually see :cword: if you click on edit, then save (making no changes) it will display the image just as I'd like. If you reply with quote, same thing, image shows, not the :cword: ...

                I know this is sort of convoluted way to get around the "bad word" thing with adsense but.. I run an aviation board and unfortunately, the word crash does come up once in a while..

                Any suggs??




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