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HELP !! My whole board is down....

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  • HELP !! My whole board is down....

    I go into my forums, I chose a forum, it gives me a database what do I do, I run the repair.php program....

    I do that and right when it gets to the private messages tables it gives another error....

    so I try to go back to my forum mainpage now and it says:

    Warning: MySQL: Unable to save result set in /home0/home/wobforums/public_html/setup/db_mysql.php on line 93

    There seems to have been a slight problem with the World of Forums database.
    Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

    An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

    Database error in vBulletin 2.2.1:

    Invalid SQL: SELECT COUNT(*) AS messages FROM privatemessage WHERE userid=4
    mysql error: Incorrect key file for table: 'privatemessage'. Try to repair it

    mysql error number: 1034

    Date: Wednesday 05th of June 2002 01:14:28 PM


    The URL is

    I have 2000+ and it's really crowded all the time, now it's completely down, please someone help me and tell me what to do, thank you so much...


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    Try uploading repair.php (it's in the 'extras' folder of the zip file) to your admin directory. Close your forums, then run it from your browser with this syntax:


    It everything reports 'Ok' then reopen your forums. If not, then run it again. The second time everything should report ok.
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