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Need Help - View Counter quit working

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  • Need Help - View Counter quit working

    Running 2.2.4 on linux/plesk platform

    Have been running FLAWLESSLY since January.

    Have fairly large community with 30,000+ posts and 1300+ members...

    - View counter suddenly quit working.

    Other issues started about the same time...

    - Several users reporting problems logging in (but certainly not all)

    - board keeps telling some that they have new PM's when they don't.

    - first new post function seems confused

    - My own PM's no longer poppong up in new window

    - some new numbers are showing up in the address

    I backed up the database, rebuilt the counters, re-indexed everything... no help...

    What's going on with my board? Please help.

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    Upload repair.php from your extras directory into the admin directory and run it in your browser. I believe one of your indexes in the threads table has become corrupted.
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      Ok. Thanx.

      Did that. No good.

      Now what?

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        If you have no hacks installed try updating to 2.2.6. It could be some minor version update from 2.2.4. Also do you have PHP 4.2.x or have register_globals off?
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          have a few hacks installed, so upgrade to 2.2.6 is prob.

          No recent changes to php or mysql, etc...

          "vbstats" hack is counting page views, but vbulletin is not.

          Also, "view new posts" is not clearing after I go to the board. It's like 2 days old now and getting longer...

          "Today's posts" works fine.

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            Views -

            Problems logging in - 'set save username & password as a cookie' and 'browse using sessions' (or similarly named) for those users to yes, no respectively.

            Other problems - Sounds like you're simply not logged in.


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              Thanx all...

              Progress report:

              - Upgraded to 2.2.6.

              - Installed the showthreads.php hack mentioned on another thread for view counter probs.

              Also tried the functions.php change. (what else does this do)

              logged out, manually deleted cookies, logged back in.

              Seems better...

              - View counter is working now

              - Sessionhash number problem is fixed

              - New posts works

              - BUT: Some users still having probs... getting new PM notices when don't have any - HAPPENS ON EVER PAGE LOAD.

              RE" "The other issues sound like not logging in..."

              Yeah, only I am automatically logged in. They still happen to logged in users... the forum knows who they are or it would not sent PM notices...

              This forum is not hobby - is ad supported B2B portal. Cannot expect all users to delete cookies... Need somebody from here to check it out... Register account, tell me how it works for new users.... Please.

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                Ok, I just registered as Ed Sullivan so can you send me a few PMs?

                Also, can you explain the problem in as much detail as possible? Specifically, where is the problem occuring (email, popup box, the "You have # new message(s) since your last visit." text, etc)? Any other info you could give us would be very helpful.


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                  Thanx Ed:

                  Appreciate your having a look. Steve S. has been helping me (in support). I think we have most of it ironed out. Will send those PM's right now...

                  My own PM notices were not working for a while, but are now functioning correctly after upgrade to 2.2.6 and minor edits as suggested here and in support, to function.php and showthreads.php (regarding $noshutdownfunc).

                  Things are settling down.

                  I changed all my passwords this AM on domain and database user. Got a few Database error reports by email. Most looked like this


                  Database error in vBulletin :

                  Link-ID == false, connect failed
                  mysql error: Unknown MySQL Server Host '' (11)

                  mysql error number: 2005

                  Date: Sunday 02nd of June 2002 04:28:03 AM
                  Script: /vboard/member.php?action=getinfo&find=lastposter&forumid=43

                  I think this was triggered by the password changes. But not sure why MySQL would not recognize the host - unless that is standard error message for host or password issue.

                  While all of this was going on.... the board was dropping images - not displaying in browser - this site was the only site where I was having this problem. Another vBulltin forum on the same server worked flawlessly throughout.

                  Now the images and board seem to be working better, but a few users are still complaining about PM notices when they have none, or forum navigation, or times being scrambled.

                  For me, it is back to normal - seems to be working fine.

                  Let me know how the PMs worked for you.

                  Everything else seem ok as you poked around ?
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                    Something weird..

                    Using phpmyadmin shows the database and tables, etc...

                    Using webmin .086 and built in MySQL server manager, the system says

                    this database has no tables

                    This same lookup shows all the tables for the other vBulletin installed on this server (different domain).

                    Sounds like a mySQL issue ? Or PLESK ?

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                      About that MySQL database error: Did you shut down MySQL at all? (I don't think MySQL shuts down when you change the password) Either way, as long as it's not happening now, it's not something I'd really worry about. However, assuming that MySQL and PHP are on the same server, I'd recommend changing your database host (in config.php) to "localhost". It should be a bit faster.

                      About the tables not showing up in WebMin: I'm not really sure about this one - perhaps it's an obscure bug in their MySQL manager? I would at least try running repair.php (it's in the extras/ directory of the zip) on your database and see if that does anything/finds any corrupted tables.

                      About the PMs you sent me: I got the popup and the emails correctly. They're now marked read, but are still considered new. This is correct however -- whether a message is new or not is determined by your last visit time ("You last visited: 06-02-2002 05:10 PM."), not whether you read it or not.


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