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  • How do get a search engine to----->

    How do get a search engine to spider my whole forum, and not just the forum index page, iam getting a few hits from search engines but there only using words that are on the forum page
    as an example here is a cached page from google, highlighting the words that were used.</a>
    I could do much better if the search engines done each forum as well, is there a way to easly do this ??

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    most seach engines don't spider url's with & in the query string, if you look on there is a hack to do this.

    or a .htaccess based solutions
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      I was browsing this topic, and gotta say, PPN, thanks!

      I will probably install the hack on my board as well.
      Never have to touch the script again.. It is Y3K compliant, simply re-submit to the engines to update your listings


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        Thanks very much, a bit complicated looking but hey, i will give it a go ! Done a few small hacks but this does seem complicated, will better search engine support be given in newer versions of vbulletin ?
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          Good question.

          Btw: Overgrow's hack doesn't work anymore iirc

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            Beware though that it could take a huge bandwidth hit on your board if every single thread was indexed.
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