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user having problem loggin out

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  • user having problem loggin out

    I am using vb 2.2.4 - and i have the options set so a user can sign up for more than one username - however some users are having trouble when they try to log out as one user, and log in as an other user - here's what she says she is doing, and it wont let her log back in as a different user,, any ideas what she is doing wrong?

    This is what I do.

    1. Scroll down to bottom of Main board page where it says "LOG OUT"

    2. Click on "LOG OUT".

    3. A box pops up that says 'vBulletin Message. All cookies cleared! Click here to return to the forums index'.

    4. I either click on 'click here', and it takes me to the Main Board page and says welcome back AlaskaMaye, or....I click on the "home" button that will take me to the Main Board page, and it says welcome back Alaska Maye (her original username that she was trying to log out, so she could log back in as a different user)

    5. I have also tried going to my user control, and on the Edit Options, where it says ....."Automatically login in when you return to the site? (uses cookies) Yes? No? I have tried yes, and I have tried no, and it still wont let me log out!

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    Have her set the option to "remember me" to no. Then clear her cookies and she should be fine.