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  • How do you...?

    I am trying to setup the same board on my home computer as I have on the server. I am running Apache server, MySql, and PHP. All are setup and running correctly.

    I have uploaded the files in the proper place and started the install.php only to have it start then stop when it goes to step #2. Is there something that needs to be set so it will continue? Do I need to create the database in MySQL first?

    Any suggestions or hints I can try will be greatly appreciated. I am going to write a Flash front end and re-create the calendar for my purposes (I do know there will be changes in 3.0 but they won't be the changes I want).

    THANKS - Kehf.

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    Re: How do you...?

    Originally posted by Kehfera
    Do I need to create the database in MySQL first?
    yes, and make sure your forum/admin/config.php file has the correct settings.


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      Database created

      Originally posted by Jakeman

      yes, and make sure your forum/admin/config.php file has the correct settings.
      I created the database and checked the config.php file. I am leaving everything just as if it were on the server - I created the database, user, and other accesses according to the config.php file.

      I am still hung on step 2. It won't continue. I tried to look at the install.php file and can't really tell what step 2 is trying to confirm before continuing.



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        are you getting any error messages? is the script telling you anything?


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          No Error Messages

          There are NO messages or errors. The script runs and stops at the first item as normal. Then you click on continue and it just does not do anything. I can see in my status bar that it is trying to go to the second step but just continues to stay at the initial install screen. This is very strange.

          I am not a novice but am new to some of the PHP and MySQL features. I am sure it is something that is not set properly...

          Sometimes I wish I could start this whole thing over. It took me so long to get the Apache server, php, and mysql to work. I was trying to avoid that scene...

          I have phpmyadmin up and running... is there anything I can check here? Permissions or other items...



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            You need to set register_globals to On in your server's php.ini. Restart apache after making the change.


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              Gosh - how soon we forget!

              I just read something about this in an announcement about a security problem in db_mysql.php but did not relate it to this issue. It worked like a charm.

              Thank-you so very much! I will be disecting code and variables for some time and hope to develope and integrate some really fun FLASH screens.

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