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Templates have gone awry.

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  • Templates have gone awry.

    I attempted to upload a few templates with the Template Backup System and it caused this (look at the picture). Any clue how to fix this? I attempted to overwrite the templates with a backup from a few days ago. The backup went fine but the templates still display like that.

    The forum still works, the only thing that appears to be affected is the admin screen to view the templates and perhaps the speed of the forum.

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    did you upgrade to php 4.2.0 recently?
    This is a problem and patched files have been posted in the annoucements forum, though version 2.2.6 will have this corrected which will be released soon.
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      Here's the Announcement:

      If you don't want to wait for 2.2.6, grab freddie's zip file and upload the php files to your server to fix this and other problems.
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