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Easy one...missing icon

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  • Easy one...missing icon

    The little vbullet_gif on some of my pages has disappeared, leaving only an empty image box. I've noticed this on the redirect page that comes up upon logging out. The gif remains in the image folder. I suspect I messed something up.

    What page is that so I can set it back to default?



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    Gee thanks...

    Gotta hand it to the top notch support here...

    A simple question unanswered by those who claim to be good...

    A good product...but the lack of support after the product is purchased stinks. I can only imagine if the problem was one of actual functionality.

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough in the original post...after logging out, the vb_bullet.gif is missing on the goodnight page.

    It's not a big issue I am having, but if support cannot answer this question, what happens when there are real issues affecting the functionality? I read through the posts here, and I see sarcasm and elitism. That is not a good way to run a business may have great product today, but tomorrow those competitors will be nipping at your heels. The only difference will be post-sale service.


    Non-existant support using the very item you sell--message boards. You should be all over any and all posts (even minor issues like the one I posted about). From a business standpoint, it makes the most sense to solve your customer's issues using a board because all will get the knowledge.

    Difficulty in logging on. I sent names into this board within a week of buying the product so the support would be available. It never got registered. It took a not so nice email this evening to get it done(about 6 weeks post original request)

    Sarcasm by many of the moderators or support people. I won't single out anyone here but will if requested by someone within management of VBulletin. That crap is just uncalled for. Not everyone is as smart as you...and if you want to keep them as customers, you should learn to play nice. The rest of us learned to do so in kindergarten.

    Failure to respond in a timely matter. The benefits of doing this don't even need a response. It is was it is. Even if the answer is unknown, it should still be acknowledged i the same forum where the query was placed. This is a no-brainer.

    A very clique-like atmosphere within the moderators and support staff. Once again, I am truly sorry if my question wasn't up to par on the other questions you are normally asked. It is and remains a stupid question that I can't find the solution to even after hours of looking.

    VBulletin is a great product. It came with great recommendations from my webhost, but the support kinda sucks. I have no complaints otherwise.

    One other *****...the spell checker issue. When I decided to purchase VB, the spell check was big factor, yet when I got the board up and going, there wasn't any such thing. Please fix that and the customer support issues too.

    Best Regards,

    Betsy Driver


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      not even 24 hrs and you already complain ?

      please provide the info asked at

      a url to the forum would be nice as well - helping us help you is all we ask
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