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Error Editing User's User Group

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  • Error Editing User's User Group

    While in the Admin serction Edit User I need to change a user's Group from Registered to Moderators. I make the change with in the drop-down box but when i click Save I get this error.

    Database error in vBulletin Control Panel 2.2.5:

    Invalid SQL: SELECT userid FROM user WHERE username='MikeS' AND userid <>
    mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '' at line 4

    mysql error number: 1064

    Date: Monday 29th of April 2002 04:32:05 PM
    Referer: http://lou2ksrdevintra/bb/admin/user...=edit&userid=6

    Any idea?

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    Is your server using php 4.2.0. You are using .php3 extensions but you could still be on 4.2.0. Follow this link and tell me what the version is.



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      ver is


      you should now be able to view site at

      soon to be


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        Are you able to provide me with an Admin login and ftp access to your forum so that I can diagnose this issue?


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          sent PM did you get it

          I sent you the username and password via PM did you get it?

          I hate to post that info live


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            Re: sent PM did you get it

            Originally posted by BrianDH
            I hate to post that info live
            Never post information like that on the public boards... Most of us around here just try to help but you never know who's lurking.


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              same problem

              yes, this is happening for me as well./
              I thought the import was failing but I did it from scratch.

              Invalid SQL: SELECT userid
              FROM user
              WHERE username='myforum'
              AND userid <>


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                Look here:



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                  thanks, and..

                  do I search all occurences of that error string and then replace with the new code or is it all in module?

                  so with this fix I don't need to convince the admins to change the global settings?


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                    update no good

                    okay Freedie, I did as you asked, and edited the code.

                    I did the change to
                    admin/db_mysql.php but it did not fix the problem.

                    I have a brand new install for testing.

                    I have the administrator and one test user.
                    the test user is Registered, and I want to change him to Moderator.
                    when I say [SAVE] I get

                    Invalid SQL: SELECT userid
                    FROM user
                    WHERE username='myforum'
                    AND userid <>

                    again, its php 4.2.0, apache/linux , brand new install
                    2.2.5 vb


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                      You have to upload user.php from that thread to the admin directory. vBulletin v2.x.x will not work with register_globals off.
                      Last edited by Freddie Bingham; Thu 2 May '02, 8:05am.


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                        problem is FIXED

                        1) globals were on
                        2) I applied the 3 files as you said, replacing simular change in my code

                        here is the other thread were this was going on.


                        all is well now.


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