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Removing Redirects!

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  • Removing Redirects!

    With some minor edits for clarifications, one of our Moderators (William Larson), wrote the following:

    2. From the original forum where the topic is titled "Moved to:", click and follow the redirect link to the second forum thread.
    3. Copy the thread to any forum.
    4. Return to the original forum where the original forum where the redirect topic is ("Move to:"), click, and confirm the redirect is now going to the copy and not the second thread any longer.
    5. Delete the thread from the admin options.
    6. Return to all three forums (redirect, original, and copy) and confirm the deletion of the redirect and copy, and existance of the original!
    2. From the original forum where the topic is titled "Moved to:", click and follow the redirect link to the second forum thread.
    3. Copy the thread to any forum.
    4. Delete the thread from the admin options.
    5. End of task. (Original moved thread still remains in correct forum)

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    3. Delete the thread from the admin options.
    Which thread is "the thread" to be deleted? the original, relocated thread from days of yore, or the newly copied thread?



    P.S. This is an arduous workflow for what should be a very simple process. No fault of yours.


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      when i do this.... the original thread starter isn't the author anymore. the forums page would show a different thread starter. ( i think it makes the last poster as the thread author if you delete the original thread or something...)


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        Originally posted by makulit
        when i do this...
        "This" being QUICK method or SAFEGUARD method?

        BTW, I still think it's wacky regardless.


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          both. (but i do the QUICK one more often.. it's easier.)

          it is a tedious task, really. i also hate seeing all those redirect links....

          when you delete the copied thread, the last poster of that thread gets to be the author from the thread list.

          i don't leave a redirect anymore... i put in an announcement with all the closed, moved and merged threads info.

          there's a hack you can apply to, though.. it's in i won't be able to provide a link right now exactly where it is... but it's there. search for "removing redirect links" or something...

          then there's a hack where the thread author will be sent a pm everytime you move, delete a thread. i think this is more personal and easier.... haven't tried it yet....


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            Thank you for the suggestion & clarification.

            I sure hope that vB3 finds a better way to delete the forwarders associated with "Moved Threads."




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              The simplest way of doing this is...

              Move the thread (without redirect) back to the forum where it originally was, this will overwrite the redirect that was set. Now, move the thread back to the forum you want it in, and this time without the redirect - two moves which do not affect the thread itself, and in the process eliminates the redirect.

              In case that's not making sense.

              You have FORUM 1 & FORUM 2

              The original post is made to F1, you move it with redirect to F2.

              Later, you move the thread, without redirect back to F1.
              And again, without redirect send it back to F2.

              Not sure why the makers don't allow you to just remove the redirect?


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                Thanks John, F

                It does make sense, it's just a pain in the behind to shuffle dozens of threads around like that. Assuming you can find locate all the redirects and move them back to their origins, that is.

                When you hit a couple thousand threads, you just forget about it altogether.

                Hopefully vB3 will resolve this problem.

                Thanks & regards,



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                  There is cool hack that you can use to do this with one click.

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                    Thanks Dr. Erwin!

                    Do you happen to know if it FINDS the forwarders? That seems to be a problem for me, because they don't show up in searches. After a few weeks they fall off the radar, and that's exactly when they need to be rooted out and exorcised.




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