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Email notification only partially working

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  • Email notification only partially working

    I installed a VB over the weekend and I can't get 100% square on email notification.

    There's only 1 user at this point (me) and my CP options are set to show email (yes) and allow admins/mods to email me (yes) and subscribe to posts by default (yes.) As admin, I also have myself set to receive email notification of each new thread. Additionally, I've subscribed to one of the 2 test forums I've set up.

    Upon making a test post to the subscribed forum, I receive the admin notice of a new thread, but do NOT receive the subscriber email. And if I reply to that same thread, I do not receive email notice of the reply, nor the subscriber email. Is VB is smart enough to realize I'm the one posting so why would I need notification of my own replies? I might think so except that I also tried to email all users from the admin panel -- didn't receive that one either.

    I tried the php mail test file in the Extras folder and that works fine. Any clues here as to why the heck I'm not getting email notices?

    Any help much appreciated.


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    yeah... vB wouldn't send you an email if you are the one who made the reply


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      Originally posted by Cary
      yeah... vB wouldn't send you an email if you are the one who made the reply
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