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How to fix this new user registration issue?

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  • How to fix this new user registration issue?

    Hi guys, we have a major prob at our hand. New users from and some others are not validating their accounts.
    We have about 120 such new users right now waiting in the "validate email" group!!!!!

    What I'd like to do is to somehow do a move based on location = XYZ.

    Is it possible to "Move all users from groupid=X and location=XYZ to groupID=Y ? "

    This would really help us out as mass email to usergroup is not working for us and so we have to do things manually and also that we do not want to loose new users

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    I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do here. Are you wanting to move all the 'Users awaiting' group to the 'Registered' group. If so, then what is the point of validating email. You might as well turn it off.

    Unless there's something I'm not understanding.
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      Yes Smachol there is a slight mis understanding. I do not want to move all the users of that "validating email group" to registered users group or some other grp.

      I want only this one:

      update user set usergroupid=X where (location=XYZ AND usergroupid=Y);

      the reason for the above ie I want only specific locations from a specific groupid Y is that I want it because of particular reason.

      and also I do not want all the users awaiting email validation to be moved to registered as we have a major problem with a few trolls who just keep registering duplicate (10-15!!) accounts on and on and on again....

      So the answer to your question is that we do want validation and we do want moderation also.

      All I am asking is a Mysql query that'll do just this again:

      update user set usergroupid=X where (location=XYZ AND usergroupid=Y);

      The prob is I am not a mySQL expert and I do not know how vB moving groups works with queries


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        the query looks good... except that i've never used parenthesis in a mysql query so i'm not sure about that, and i'm not sure what that "location" thing is. i just looked at my user table and i don't see a location column in there. you mentioned , did you want to update only the groups that have hotmail e-mail addresses?


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          I wish it were that easy. I looked at the table structure somewhat and it has profilefield and then profilefieldid column etc.... that correspond to a specific profile entry.

          Any ideas on how to setup this query? Guys this is a sql based board and one advantage us SQL clueless folks should have over nonsql based boards is to fire these SQL queries to quickly manage users


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