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import problems (repost with screenshot)

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  • import problems (repost with screenshot)

    I recently posted about import problems, and while it looks like others are having similar problems, thought I'd post screenshots of the errors I'm receiving. I apologize if I'm coming off as irritating for posting this twice, but I just paid $160 for software and would really like to use it with my UBB posts

    One thing I'm wondering is why the path is coming up as /home/virtual/site123/ etc. when I don't believe that is the proper path to the import script? Might have something to do with my host (everything is quite different since I was moved to a different server), but I do not believe that is the proper path (should be something like /home/virtual/ etc).

    I won't post the screenshots here because they are a big large in width and height (and won't attach them because I can only attach one), but you can view them here:

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    Not having any experience with this script hampers my ability to troubleshoot it, but it does look like there's a directory problem. How and why there's a problem I don't know.

    Please fill out a support form at:

    JamesUS is working on some bugs to this script and will work with you through the support system.
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