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  • please help....

    I am still in awe over your program. I have installed it without any problem whatsoever and I am a total newbie at both PHP and any database program in general. I even managed to totally customize my message board.

    I have a few small questions.

    1. When someone registers they have the option of allowing moderators/administrators to send them email messages or NOT. I want to remove this option as I am going to use this as an email announcement list as well and do not want them to block me from sending them messages. How do i remove this option.

    2. When I send an email to members can I use HTML code?

    3. Is there a way to offer people that register the option of having receiving their newsletter as an HTML file or as a regular text file?

    Other then that - I think I have it all under control.,

    Thomas LaBadia
    [font]-azia communications

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    1) you edit the templates that contain that information and make the fields hidden with yes having a checked value. I believe the templates you need are the register_adult template and the modify_options template.

    2) No. HTML email isn't currently supported.

    3) Answered by the last question.


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      Thank you for your help

      I really appreciate it.


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        Go to, I'm sure you will find some hacks to do it
        ~ ~