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vb 2.2.5 - some people arent getting confirmation email...

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  • vb 2.2.5 - some people arent getting confirmation email...

    The title says it all... Some peopel complained that they havent received their confirmation email 2 days after they registered. Can anyone help me?

    I love this confirmation email feature, because people are less temptated to spam or register fictitious names etc. Very cool, but everyone should receive their confirmation...

    Thanks in advance for your assistance

    the site is located at: by the way
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    anyone please help... I dont know what to do.
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      Do these people happen to have AOL ???

      or some spam prevention program??

      sometimes this prevents users from receiving emails.

      Eric C


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        Hmm so you mean AOL's spam blocking software or something else?

        It could be that new users are entering invalid email ids if they do not even respond to email validation requests.


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          yes.. AOL's spam blocking programs can stop nearly all emails..

          I think one of the settings is only allow emails from people in your address book.

          I think some other ISP's (like earthlink) have a similar spam program, that if configured incorrectly, could cause issues..

          ManoOne, can you check to see if the emails have been kicked back, or returned from invalid email addresses??

          Eric C


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            but.... am I wrong when I say that vBulletin didnt have this problem before? I mean people were receiving notifications ... Now it seems as if there is something to the emails that makes ISPs reject them (not always ok but quite often).

            Isnt there a way vBulletin could change either the sender name or the recipient field format.... something! So that the email isnt seen as spam?

            I'd be very happy to see something done regarding this issue... After all, notification emails are not spam emails.

            ... for now I turned the verification email off, but it would be nice to turn it on and know the emails are of a format that will go through ISP mail servers...

            thanks in advance
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              This happens to my users all the time, particularly those from AOL.

              When they email me to complain, I notice a common problem, capitalization.
              [email protected] vs. JONDOE and jondoe etc. I often lookup the email from the sender, and compare it to the registered email, and just update the registered one with the sender, and activate by changing their user group.

              This was way before 2.2.5.
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                I never knew AOL's email was case sensitive.. that is a good bit of info. (and it figures..)

                Actually, It depends on how the USER sets their software.
                I dont think there is anything VB can do about that..

                If the use sets the highest level of "security" on their email, they have to go in and manually select allow emails from

                If I go to my board right now, and search for users awaiting email confirmation, nearly all of them are from AOL...

                I just posted a anouncement in the FAQ area that if you dont receive a confirmation email, please email the webmaster to complete the registration. Once I get a email from them, I verify that it is the right email address entered, and I move them to the registerd users group.

                Luckily, most of my users are smart enough to stay away from AOL


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                  I found your problem

                  I registerd at your board, enabled send email on PM.
                  And send myself a PM.

                  Your board did send me the mail, or more correctly .. it tried
                  to .. the result was this.

                  Apr 18 03:16:51 <mail.notice> ns sendmail[63746]: g3I1GoX63746:
                  ruleset=check_mail, arg1=<[email protected]>,
                  relay=[], reject=501 5.1.8 <[email protected]>...
                  Domain of sender address [email][email protected][/email] does not exist
                  Nearly every decent mailserver today check that sender domain
                  exist before accepting the mail. If not .. then you get the above

                  Hope this was helpfull.
                  Kind regards.

                  btw. you can delere the user manzon from your board now


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                    oh that's helpful indeed!!!

                    Do you know where on my box I should look into to change this setting? It is not supposed to show the sender as "[email protected]"

                    its weird, onlinedj is the ooold name of the site, I changed a year ago or so...

                    If you can direct me to the right file or setting I'd appreciate!
                    Thanks in advance!
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                      My system admin has added the entry in the box and after it propagates it should work. The guy apologized for not doing this earlier. Good.

                      now... why is vbulletin using the box's default "nobody" entity when it sends emails? It seems illogical; I mean why can't we specify an email address and name in the VB Control Panel?

                      That would be desirable for sure! What do you guys think?
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