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Daylight time in US is driving me/vB options nuts

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  • Daylight time in US is driving me/vB options nuts

    Hi our server is located in CST (central time zone) USA. The time on the server box is fine as it should be, adjusted for daylight savings.

    What is the right offset to take into account daylight savings now?
    -6 for GMT or -5 ?

    Does vB take care of daylight savings at all? I really am beginning to think it does not.

    Sorry if I sound ignorant

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    Is it only me that seems to believe that vB does not take into account daylight savings?

    For example, the current offset from GMT for CST time zone is GMT - 5 (because of daylight savings +1 is added to standard -6 offset for central time zone).

    However, for CST the only option in vB is -6 for CST....? Where is the daylight savings options which should be actually -5?

    Check out

    Perhaps I am confused


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      hmm, our server is on pacific time and I have the GMT set to -5 and the clock is correct


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        vB uses the server time (which you set up in the Admin CP.) So if the server adjusts for Daylight Savings, then so will vB.
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          However does it adjust INTERNATIONALLY for daylight savings?

          I don't think it does as I just set my server in the US to it's correct MDT.

          Then since I am currently in Hong Kong I set it for +8 gmt and it got it one hour ahead...

          is it possible to include this feature of detecting daylight savings time in the future vbulletin? Thanks!


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            That could be a really complicated endeavor. Some countries don't even do daylight savings time, and the ones that do, do it at different times.

            You'd first have to take into account where the server is located and whether and when it undergoes daylight savings time. Then you'd have to have it calculate the times based on where the visitor is and whether his country is in daylight savings time. And then there are LOTS of exceptions, like in the US, where Arizona and Indiana follow weird DST rules. It would be pretty intensive to do this.
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              As previously suggested, perhaps the simplest fix for this would be two check-boxes; one in the admin CP and one in the user CP, which would let vB automatically adjust the time by an hour based on the setting, while leaving the time-zone selected alone. Other suggestions include changing the info displayed in the time-zone drop-down to something less confusing, perhaps even moving to UTC, like the rest of the world.
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