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  • Hiding Last Post Info

    Other than going in and modifying the PHP code, is there a way to hide some or all of the Last Post column information through the admin options? For privacy reasons, some of the users on my board would like to remain anonymous when they post to certain forums.


    I guess I should clarify what I am trying to do. I have a couple of forums, one which I let anyone post on and is a complaint forum. The other is one which no one has access to but a select few, but everyone on my board knows everyone else by user name. I would prefer that the users did not know who was posting on either of these forums since they both deal with sensitive information.
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    in the forumdisplaybit template located in the forumdisplay template group, you could simply remove, or replace whatever is in this <td></td>=>

    <td nowrap><smallfont>$thread[lastreplydate] <font color="{timecolor}">$thread[lastreplytime]</font><br>
    by <a href="member.php?action=getinfo&find=lastposter&threadid=$thread[threadid]"><b>$thread[lastposter]</b></a></smallfont></td>

    and in the forumdisplay template located in the forum home page groupings, simply remove the content in this <td></td>=>

    <td bgcolor="{tableheadbgcolor}" nowrap><smallfont color="{tableheadtextcolor}"><b>Last Post</b></smallfont></td>

    in both cases, keep the <td></td> tags there.

    Also, whenever you make a modification like this, cut and paste whatever was originally the template into a notepad document so you can change it back if needed.

    Sometimes, the coolest adjustments can be made while searching through the templates. But the forum layout can also screw up if caution is thrown to the wind.


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      Thanks a bunch, that did the trick! The template I actually needed to change was forumhome_lastpostby template, but your info got me headed in the right direction.

      Many thanks!


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