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    Okay... I currently do not have "Moderator Queue" enabled. But just of curiousity, I decided to click the "New Posts" link in the Admin CP (under "Moderation"). But to my surprise I found 4 threads in there that were awaiting validation. I'm confused... what could have caused those threads to end up there?

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    People sometimes mark the poll box when they create a new thread, but never complete the poll options. That leaves the thread in moderation (since the thread is hidden while the user enters the poll info).
    Chen Avinadav
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      Ah, that makes sense...

      Too bad there's no built-in check to make sure someone fills out the poll options when they check the box... I reckon that would be useful.

      But anyway, thanks for clearing that up.


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        Could this also happen when someone tries to use HTML when html is off?

        here is a topic I discovered at the mod queue just today

        Favourite Nick Cave song.....

        Which is your favourite Nick Cave song..??

        [FONT=***century gothic](including earlier phases of the artist)[/****FONT]

        p.s. I have inserted the *** so that the HTML tags will show up... here
        that user obviously tried to use font tags, and probably tried to make a poll..... (?)....
        I think...
        Or maybe it is just that he did not complete right the poll options...
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